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What is NeoPUTTY™?
NeoPUTTY is a premixed bioactive bioceramic root & pulp treatment consisting of an extremely fine, inorganic powder of tricalcium/dicalcium silicate in a waterfree organic liquid. The product is packaged ready-to-use. No mixing is required. NeoPUTTY is designed to set in vivo in the presence of moisture from the surrounding tissues.

How does NeoPUTTY set?

  • NeoPUTTY is formulated with a water-free organic liquid. NeoPUTTY only sets in vivo or moisture. Setting begins in the presence of moisture from the apical tissues, dentinal tubules, or pulp.
  • NeoPUTTY is different from our NeoMTA® 2, which is packaged as a powder and a gel and requires mixing. NeoMTA 2 begins setting when the powder and gel are mixed and continues in vivo.

What do you mean by wash-out resistance and is Avalon Biomed NeoPUTTY immediately wash-out resistant?
One important characteristic that affects the performance of MTA-type products is its stability when placed in a tooth. We test product stability through wash-out testing.

NeoPUTTY is immediately wash-out resistant. You can gently rinse and complete the restoration or cement a crown, immediately after placing NeoPUTTY.

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