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edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are laser-sintered, pre-polymerized, highly filled enamel shells made of nano-hybrid composite. Their anatomical profiles guarantee faithful and at the same time highly esthetic replicas of natural deciduous teeth. Thanks to improved physical properties, they can be used directly as single crowns for anterior and posterior deciduous teeth.

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are prefabricated, radiopaque PEDIATRIC CROWNs that replicate the anatomical base of the enamel layer of the tooth. Together with edelweiss COMPOSITE, they can be used to fabricate simple or complex restorations of deciduous teeth in both the anterior and posterior regions in cases of superficial or deep caries. PEDIATRIC CROWNs protect the deciduous tooth until natural exfoliation (tooth loss) while providing functional support by maintaining proper occlusal contacts with opposing teeth. Occlusion can be easily achieved by adjusting the PEDIATRIC CROWN. Machining of the opposing natural tooth is not required.

Restoration of the tooth is simple and quick, resulting in a bioesthetic, functional final result that blends perfectly with the natural dentition. The required preparation is minimal and limited to the extent of caries. Therefore, there is no risk of iatrogenic exposure of the pulp of the deciduous tooth.

The PEDIATRIC CROWNs are cemented in place with the same material they are made of, resulting in a stable bond of the entire restoration (between dentin/enamel + composite + PEDIATRIC CROWN). edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs can also be cemented in place with conventional glass ionomer cement or resin-modified glass ionomer cement (KGIZ).





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