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Maarc CeraSeal-B Sealer

MTA based root canal sealer

Manufacturer: Maarc


  • Excellent Handling
  • Hermetic seal
  • Radiopaque
  • Suitable as lining material
  • Pure Mineral Tech :No Discoloration
  • Bactericidal
  • Biocompatible
  • Good radiopacity


MAARC CeraSeal-B is MTA based Bio-ceramic Root Canal Sealer which is resin and monomer free and ensures Zero shrinkage and biocompatibility. It consist of:

2 parts powder and Liquid (Demineralized water).

When mixed, produces mixture with desired flow and adhesion.

Its high pH and bioactive properties helps remineralization due to hydroxy-apatite formation.

It has good radiopacity & due to its purity it does not stain teeth

Indication of use for CeraSeal-B:

  • Obturation in root canal tretaments



  • Working Time: Approx 10mins
  • Initial Set/Cure: 240mins


Adverse reaction

No Adverse reaction reported so far


  • CeraSeal-B is to be used immediately after Mixing to avoid dehydration. Wet cotton or gauze is suggested to be placed on mixture for extended working time.
  •  CeraSeal-B has working time of approx.10 mins and initial set/cure of 240 mins at room temperature and it attains strength enough to continue the treatment.

Warning and Precautions           

1)  CeraSeal-B Sealing material must be stored in a dry area to avoid degradation by moisture             

2) It  must be kept in its sealed packaging prior to use to avoid degradation by moisture.

3) It must be placed intra-orally immediately after mixing with liquid, to prevent dehydration.

4) Avoid skin contact to prevent irritation and possible allergic response.

If contact with skin occurs, immediately remove material with cotton and wash thoroughly with water and soap. In case of skin sensitization or rash Medical attention., discontinue use and seek

5) Excess of CeraSeal-B is not intended as it may impair healing process

6) Do not use it on patients with reported sensitivity to any of the component.



Direction to Use


  • Arrange sterile glass slab, spatula and all instruments for the insertion of CeraSeal-B


  • Dispense Powder as per requirement and mix with a drop of DM water (Liquid provided) till the particles are hydrated and desired consistency is achieved.


  • Place mixture at selected site


  • Cold lateral condensation is more suited.


  • Rapid insertion of CeraSeal-B coated with Gutta Percha



  • 1 x 1g Powder
  • 1 x 5ml Liquid
    1 065,00₹Prix
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